It exploits the intimacy of the setting in the best possible way
Wilfred Brandt | The Thousands

A gentle, pensive and genuinely daring work, do your best to be one of the 10
Simon Binns | TimeOut Sydney

 An intimate journey down the rabbit hole of internet-spread comforts
Margaux Dombkins | Eastside 89.7 FM







A work in two parts. The first about a culture growing around this thing called autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR describes the potential for certain visual or aural stimuli to induce a relaxed, pleasurable state in the brain and scalp.  All these people on the internet have started making ASMR videos, sitting in front of cameras and speaking really softly into super expensive microphones.

The term is new and largely disputed, gaining recognition during 2010 and since generating a healthy audience of cynics and believers. I think I’m a believer. I also think I spend too much time on the computer, so this work is largely about that too. I just hit 1, 024 hours played for a game called Dota 2. That’s 42 days. Crazy.

Jackson! Le diner est prêt!  is part hypnosis, part self portrait. It’s about gaming, browsing and internet spread comforts.

A solo work by Jackson Davis, created for Woodcourt Art Theatre.

7 – 13 August 2013, 8pm, Woodcourt Art Theatre, Marrickville
14 – 26 February 2014, 10pm, The Coffee Pot, Rundle Mall, Adelaide (Adelaide Fringe Festival)

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