Simon Binns is funny, boyishly enthusiastic, and takes the audience with him on a nostalgic adventure into his rapidly disappearing uncritical years
Tim Lloyd | The Advertiser Adelaide

Thoroughly enjoyable and delightfully quirky
Brian Godfrey | Adelaide Theatre Guide

Binns shares excerpts from the books, and comical and sentimental memories from his childhood to dig deeper into the universal theme of childhood innocence
Lisa Omagari | The Brag



In just one hour Applespiel’s Simon Binns will both validate his favourite childhood book series and prove he can morph into a rabbit. Drawing inspiration from the teen fiction series Animorphs, Animorphed is a hilarious and intimate show about childhood, naivety, nostalgia and growing up. In the late 90s, Simon Binns was obsessed with Animorphs by K.A. Applegate. This young adult sci-fi book series was about a cohort of American teens who discovered a silent alien invasion and were given the power to fight back through the ability to morph into animals. It provided much fodder for Simon’s prepubescent imagination.

After being selected in TimeOut’s Top Five Theatre picks of the Sydney Fringe, in 2014, Simon will revisit this book series and attempt to transform himself into an adorable creature . Animorphed is about determining whether childhood treasures are still worth their weight in gold, and if it matters that your favourite character as a child might have been a racist stereotype. It’s about having your naïve ideas of creative integrity confused by the discovery of ghost writers and trying to figure out if any of these realisations matter when stacked up against the joy of your childhood.

Animorphed smashes the rose coloured glass through which we view our childhood and then tries to put the pieces back together.

15, 16, 22, 23 Feb 6pm & 28 Feb – 8 Mar 7pm

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